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February 2023

ESBC Black History Month
Essay & Arts Contest


Where are the bikes coming from?

These bikes were generously donated by M&T Bank, Campus Bike and ESBC! Our donors will be present at the award ceremony. 

Why participate?

We aim to let more of our young people ride bikes, and to educate them about the safety of riding. We can enable them to ride their bikes safely to school and around their communities, as an alternative to other forms of transportation. 

What is United Front?

\A collaboration of front-line organizations and individuals working to reduce violence. 

What is ESBC?

East Side Bike Club is a grassroots bicycle organization working to expand access and awareness of biking in communities of color through weekly bike rides, open workshop hours, and pop-up events throughout the city to engage with residents and stakeholders. Learn more here: ​


Why only elementary students age 8-11?

Our bikes are not appropriately sized for smaller children. We would like to send everyone home with a bike that is safe for them! 

Award Ceremony

Saturday March 25th, 2023 @ 3:00pm-5:00pm

East Side Bike Club, 1057 Kensington Ave.

Buffalo NY 14215

Prizes for each participating school: 
  • 1st prize: brand new bike, helmet, and lock

  • 2nd prize: high quality refurbished bike, helmet, and lock

  • Prizes to be awarded at Award Ceremony​

Student Prompt: What does black history month mean to you?
  • High school submissions: essay or paragraph, minimum 5 sentences.

  • Elementary school, age 8-11 (suggested grades 4-6) submission options: paragraph, poem, artwork, illustration, or comic

  • For every submission, please include name, age, grade, and school

  • Rubric TBD by school


It is the responsibility of the principal or a designated school representative to collect essays, grade them, and submit information for winners to East Side Bike Club (ESBC) via email to by EOD Friday 3/17/2023 in order for us to print award certificates.


East Side Bike Club would love to receive the original submissions (or photocopies) so that we can read them and display them at our workshop! 

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